Green Energy Initiatives at JNPA
~Mr. Niteen M Borwankar


Natural Gas as a Sustainable Option for Inland Waterways – Challenges and Opportunities in India
~Mr. Asim Prasad, Mr. Ranjit Deka

Renewable Energy Options for Future Greener Seaports/span>
~Ms. Shilpa W Bali

Green Initiatives in Inland and Coastal Transportation
~Commandant (JG) Sudeeptho Ghosh


Digitalization, Using IoT, real-time condition monitoring, Big Data and AI for improving vessel efficiency and performance forecasting
~Mr. Prashant Hinduja


Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vessels
~Mr. R. Srinivas


How Technology Can Close The Gap Between Ship At Sea To Shore ??
~Mr. Maninder Singh

Consideration of Utilization of Autonomous Drone for Ship Surveys/Inspections
~Mr. Sumithran Sampath, Mr. Junji Tokunaga, Mr. Tomoaki Yamada


Alternative Fuels and Technologies for Decarbonisation– A Preliminary Analysis
~Mr. Sudarshan Daga, Mr. Karan Doshi, Mr. Somesh Gupta, Deepak Sonawane


Potential Challenges of Hydrogen as a Fuel for International Maritime Transport
~Dr. S. Thangalakshmi, Dr. Rajoo Balaji

The Applicability of Bio Fuel as a Marine Fuel
~Mr. Partha Das


Identifying and Implementing Green Corridors in Shipping
~Mr. Anil Kumar (Presenter), S. Balani, Z.Y. Leung


Fires in cargo areas onboard containerships – An analysis of accidents
~Mr. Karan Doshi


Importance of the concept of Seaworthiness
~Dr. Brijendra K. Saxena


Marine Environment- The challenges of Marine Plastic Litter
~Ass. Commandant Aman Jugran


Demystifying Human Factors & Integrating in Management Systems
~Dr (Capt) Suresh Bhardwaj

Radiated Noise Control in Indigenous Ship Building- Design Requirements for Strategic Advantage
~Cdr A Sanjayan

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in Shipyards –An essential step in Digital Transformation towards Shipyard 4.0
~Commander S Gopi Krishna IN (Retd.)

Sustainable growth of Ship Recycling capacity in India
~Mr. Shobhit Kapoor, Mr. Vikram Purohit

Compliant & Sustainable Ship Recycling
~Mr. Rohit Agarwal

Gender Diversity and Retention of Seafarers
~Ms. Parnita Rasal


Human Factor in Shipping
~Mr. NMC Nair

Seafarers’ welfare, Human element & Training
~Mr. Mani Ganapathi Ramachandran


Training for Autonomous Vessels: A Paradigm Shift
~Mr. Sanjeev Vakil


EEXI and CII compliance with Becker’s energy saving devices Mewis Duct® and Twisted Fins
~Mr. Castagna Alessandro


Sea Trial Analysis with The Aid of Numerical Assessment for Existing Ships
~Mr. Ramkumar Joga, Mr. Sharad Dhavalikar

Technological Advances in Shipboard Carbon Capture – An Overview’
~Mr. Sobhith Komalavally Hariharan


Linking the Zero-Emission Value Chain – Liquid Hydrogen Carrier
~Mr. P. Koutsourakis


Condition Monitoring System – Advanced Insights into the health of Diesel engines
~Mr. Uday Purohit, Mr. Narendra Kumar


Prediction of Wave Bending Moment for a Ship at Site and Route
~Anant Ajithkumar, Amresh Negi, Dr. Suhas Vhanmane


Ballast Water Filters: Factors affecting the efficacy of filtration -Sediments
~M. Subramanian


Ultrasonic Anti Fouling System
~Lt.Cdr. Mohit Dey